Band To Check Out: Beneath The Sheets

Mon, Jan 25, 2010

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Band To Check Out: Beneath The Sheets

By: Darlene

Many bands live beyond the shadows of the Prudential Center and Fenway Park in towns surrounding “The Bean.”  Lowell, MA is the home for pop-punk band Beneath The Sheets, but they have made their fan-base home in Boston.  They have worked so hard to make their name known in the city and they are proving to be successful.

Beneath the Sheets is made up of Evan Gillis on vocals, Albie Landry and Myke Valley on guitars, Jeff Ferro on bass and Austin Bryant on drums.

Since they’ve been around for a few years, they put out two releases.  Rise and Shine EP was released in May, 2008 and their latest album, Go Easy, It’s My First…”, was released this past September.  They celebrated this release with a sold-out record-release party at the Middle East.  Another huge accomplishment with their new CD is that it’s available on iTunes.

The quintet’s music might be your stereotypical pop-punk, but it seems to be more mature than the usual bands.  They are full of energy and you can almost imagine the passion they have for their music.  The guitars are great, the melodies are catchy and the lyrics are heart-felt.  From what I’ve heard, I can only imagine how great their live performance is, but I’d definitely try to go see them whenever I can.

And if you want to check them out live for yourself, they’re playing a show at the Middle East Downstairs on February 27 with A Cure For Static, The Lights Out and Thick As Thieves.

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  • MissMarie

    I was lucky enough to attend Beneath the Sheets last show at the Middle east and I was completely blown away. If you can still get your hands on tickets I wouldn't pass up the chance to see them live Feb 27th also there CD go easy its my first is definitely worth listening to, I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. So catchy its almost not alright.

  • SarahSays89

    I recently discovered Beneath the Sheets and loooove them! I know they will get signed and can't wait for the day I get to see them live. Everyone should get their cd and be on the lookout ;)

  • ActionHero

    This is one of the great bands of the future. It's hard to say if they should be locked up for their fresh outlook or hoisted up on our shoulders. If you need to focus, get a party started, or some personal reflection time, their album suits the mood.

    If you don't have it, buy it now.

  • Awesome write up :) They are truly a great band.
    I've seen them live and they are far more amazing in person.
    If you ever get the chance to see them, DON'T pass it up! ;D

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