Escape Dirctors – Ladders EP Review

Tue, Jun 22, 2010

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Escape Dirctors – Ladders EP Review

By: Jess Grenier

Escape Directors is a little indie band from Wayne, NJ. With four members, this band is trying to create an original indie-pop sound all of their own. Their first ever EP Ladder was released earlier this month on June 3rd.

The first song on the EP called “Heart Defeats The Home” start off real mellow and relaxing. It’s slow but you’ll be catching yourself singing along. The next song “Honest Man” starts off in a real easy going tone but picks up and flows nicely into the next song. “Fall Together” is one of those song that has everything right in all the right places. The lyrics and melody just fall together like the title.

The following song “When You’re Gone” is more acoustical than the songs that come before it. The song also starts out slow but slowly crescendos with more energy and emotion. This song hands down is probably one of my favorite track on this EP. The next song “Chicago” is featured on their website. I can easily see this song becoming a single on the radio or just a hit in general. If you take one listen, you’ll understand.

The sixth track on the EP is titled “Mrs. Davenport” is a lovely slower song that your ears will love. The vocals on this song are superb. Subsequent to “Mrs. Davenport” is the song “Margaret Marion” is an even slower piano song. It’s a really beautiful song to listen to. It’s one of those songs that you can listen to to if you having a bad day and listening to it will brighten you mood. The final song on the EP is called “Take Me Back Home” and its a perfect song to finish the EP with.

Hearts Defeats The Home
Honest Man
Fall Together
When You’re Gone
Mrs. Davenport
Margaret Marion
Take Me Back Home

Favorite Tracks: Chicago, Mrs. Davenport, Fall Together, Take Me Back Home

Similar Artists: Death Cab For Cutie

Rating Out of Ten: 7/10

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