Handguns Anywhere But Home EP Review

Fri, Jul 9, 2010

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Handguns Anywhere But Home EP Review

By: Jess Grenier

Handguns, a little pop-punk band from Pennsylvania are coming out with their new EP called Anywhere But Home. They creatively use their experiences from not fitting in to not feeling wanted at home to make meaningful lyrics and catchy punk beats. The band is currently on some Warped Tour dates promoting their new EP.

“Anywhere But Home” the first song off of their EP really demonstrates their talent and it really showcases how well they can compose a song. I really love the guitars in this song along with the lyrics. The following song “Fingers Crossed” is a short song but Handguns makes it worth listening to despite it being only 1:19 minutes long.

Track number three called “Harbor Water” is probably my favorite song off their EP mainly because I love the feel of the song. I also really enjoy the lyrics, I just feel like this song helps being this EP together even though it’s not the last song. “Last Year” Is one of Handguns song’s that I feel like everyone can relate too. The song talks about a friend making friends with people they hate and you learn to let that friend go because they’re not worth it.

“My Own Captain” is another song that really captures the band’s talent. This song is also another short song but sometime you don’t need three minutes to get you’re point across. In the next song “Pave The Way” I really enjoy how everything fits together, it’s quite an enjoyable song to listen to. “Two Weeks” is the finally song on Anywhere But Home, I really like the feel of this song as well, it brings the whole EP together, finishing it with lovely punk sound.

Anywhere But Home
Fingers Crossed
Harbor Water
Last Year
My Own Captain
Pave The Way
Two Weeks

Similar Artists: Lifetime, The Movielife, and New Found Glory

Favorite Tracks: Anywhere But Home, Harbor Water, Last Year and Two Weeks

Rating Out of Ten: 8.5/10

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