Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Album Review

Mon, Sep 28, 2009

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Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Album Review

By: Jess Grenier

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, or as many of you know him under his stage name Jeffree Star, released his debut album Beauty Killer on September 22, 2009.  Jeffree Star gained his fame through the Internet and ultimately became known as the “Queen of the Internet.” This “Queen of the Beautifuls” has been making his presence known with his crude, sexual, yet very catchy lyrics and music.  Jeffree released his first EP called Plastic Surgery Slumber Party, which gave everyone a taste of what Jeffree could do musically. Last year, he released his second EP titled Cupcakes Taste Like Violence, the release of this EP led to Jefree’s first CD, Beauty Killer.

Beauty Killer was produced by of number of people including; Lester Mendes, 3OH!3’s Nathaniel Motte, Oh, Hush!, Luke Walker (a.k.a Gods Paparazzi), Danger Radio’s Nico Hartikainen and Electric Valentine’s Chris Qualls. The first single released off Beauty Killer was “Prisoner,” which Jeffree introduced during the I’m Pregnant Let’s Party! Tour.  When “Prisoner” was released on May 1st on MySpace, it reached almost 500,000 plays within the first 72 hours.  Jeffree released his second song titled “Love Rhymes With Fuck You” via YouTube the next day.

The album starts with the song “Get Away With Murder.”  On this song, I like how clever the lyrics are with lines such as “There’s a mystery inside my head, and it’s dripping all in red.”  This demonstrates Jeffree’s ability to push lyrical limits and truly create a genre bending approach to his music.  Star continues pushing genre limits by including vocalists from other subgenres on his album.  The third song on the album is “Louis Vuitton Body Bag,” and features Matt Skiba, the lead singer of Alkaline Trio.  I really connected with the feel of this song; the mixture of vocals and beats create a contrasting sound that compliments Star’s earlier work.  The hard-core/screamo sound of Skiba fights nicely with Star’s dance beats.

The self-titled song “Beauty Killer” is truly Star’s testament to his experience in the music industry.  Quoted from Jeffree himself, “Beauty Killer is my way of saying ‘fuck you’ to what everyone’s idea of what beauty stands for.”  I think this song represents this well and shows Star’s ability to bring depth to his lyrics through the use of social commentary.

Track number seven of Beauty Killer is “Bitch, Please!”  I’m pretty sure this is my favorite song off this album.  In this song, Jeffree mentions a whole list of celebrities like Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, Michael Phelps, 3OH!3, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and some others.  This song is pretty hilarious with lines like; “Gave Lil Wayne a skirt and some pompoms” and “TMZ just saw my coochie like I was Britney, be Flo Rida and spin me right round round, but don’t try to bite me like Chris Brown.”

Song number ten off the album is “Fame & Riches, Rehab Bitches.”  Again, Star returns to his incorporation of other artists and features Breathe Carolina.  This song definitely has Breathe Carolina’s style woven into it, but it does not overpower the distinct style of Jeffree Star.  Out of the whole album there is more screaming on this song, but it’s nothing to harsh.

Beauty Killer finishes off with the song “Queen Of The Club Scene.” I like this track because it has a slower feel then the other songs off the album. It is also one of the “cleaner” songs off Beauty Killer too. “Queen Of The Club Scene” is about exactly what the title says.  It is all about the club scene and this song could definitely be used in a club too.

Overall, I think Beauty Killer is a great album. I also think that since Jeffree Star is a growing artist, we have yet to see what he is truly capable of.  I suggest everyone to pick themselves up a copy.  Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this album as much as I do.

For Fans Of: Breathe Carolina, Electric Valentine, Ultraviolet Sound

Overall Rating: 7/10

Top Tracks To Listen To: Prisoner, Louis Vuitton Body Bag, Bitch, Please!, Lollipop Luxury and Fame & Riches, Rehab Bitches

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