Band You Should Know: Reverie Sound Revue

Mon, May 17, 2010

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Band You Should Know: Reverie Sound Revue

By: Erica Lenti

What do you get when you cross the ruminative, lullaby hum of your most intimate daydreams, and the whirlwind sensation of being lost in a place unknown? Reverie Sound Revue, of course.

Canadian bands have a reputation for being underrated, and frankly, Reverie Sound Revue is no exception. The quintet formed in 2002 in Calgary, Alberta and have only recently released their first full-length self-titled album last summer. Headed by lead vocalist Lisa Lobsinger – best known for her collaborations with Broken Social Scene – and backed by the talented John-Marcel de Waal (drums), Patrick Walls (guitar), Bryce Gracey (bass), and Marc De Pape (guitar), Reverie Sound Revue have created a unique indie sound that can only be described as magical.

As far as first impressions go, Reverie Sound Revue is musically captivating. Their songs tend to have a soothing and mellow feel, but are still enticing at best. Lobsinger’s voice is enchanting and falls in perfect harmony with the clean guitar riffs and melodies offered by Walls and De Pape. Their music is fit for any occasion – whether you are feeling melancholic, need a bit of winding down, or want to get up and dance – and is quite simply, an easy listen.

But don’t be fooled by the ambient mask the band so cleverly uses in their music: the raw emotion their “easy-going” sound seems to lack is in the laid depths of every song. In fact, it is through Lobsinger’s haunting-yet-beautiful voice that the passion for emotion – whether it is happiness, doubt, or excitement – is felt by the listener.

The members themselves are not only musically talented, but have also earned degrees in various fields. In certain ways, their expertise in fields outside of music have broadened their experience, and this is evident in the songs they write.

Despite their remarkable sound, Reverie Sound Revue’s fan base is seemingly quite limited. Perhaps it is their restriction to the Canadian music scene that has deterred the band from expanding internationally. Regardless, Reverie Sound Revue is a band that has grown to be exceptionally talented at what they do.

So, the next time you fall into a daze, or find yourself lost, listen to Reverie Sound Revue, and allow them to sound out the experience for you.

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