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Wed, Jul 14, 2010

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Small Talk Interview

Jess Grenier: Please state you name and what you do for the band.

Jimmy: My name is Jimmy, I play guitar and I sing

Drew: My name is Drew and I play drums

Brian: My name is Brian Ma and I play bass

Jess Grenier: How did Small Talk get started?

Jimmy: Couple of years ago I was doing a solo thing while I tried putting a band together and then through mutual friends I met Drew and Drew was living in Texas at the time. So, I flew him up here for a little bit and it clicked right away. He’s reppin’ the Texas shirt tonight… interesting.

Drew: Interesting?

Jimmy: I’ve known Brian Ma since I was like a little kid and we lost touch for a little while and I saw him at a show and I just said “When are you playing bass with me” just sort of as a joke and then it happened for real and that clicked just as well as me and Drew and I couldn’t be happier with the line up we have now.

Jess Grenier: Anyone else want to add anything?

Brian: That pretty much sums it up… wait what to you got Drew, what cha got?

Drew: I’m from Texas.

Jess Grenier: Is there any story behind the name Small Talk?

Jimmy: Aw man I wish we had a cooler story.

Drew: Can we make one up?

Jess: Yeah, make one up

Drew: Are you good a story telling?

Jimmy: Haha no, if you want the truth I was, like I think I was just pulling out of a parking spot on a really busy street so I was stuck there for like five minutes and I’ve been thinking of band names for a while and it just sort of came to my head. I felt like it really it fit our style cause we’re not really, I dunno we kind of keep to ourselves and we’re pretty shy… We’re shy guys, so I felt Small Talk fit pretty well.

Jess Grenier: Do you have any main musical influences when you’re writing music?

Jimmy: When we write, we try to have a formula for writing but it never really ends up the way you plan it so, for like writing style we just go with it but I’d say everything that we’ve listen to has influenced us, like we’ve all had different influences. I was more into… I was really into acoustic, chill music and Brain, what did you grow up with?

Brian: I went through plenty of phases, like when I was growing up my sister listen to a lot of top 40 radio, so I was pretty much forced to listen to that and just kind of ended up liking it but then there was a dark period of my life where I did listen to some heavier stuff such as; Korn, Limp Biskit, Orgy…

Drew: that’s the main influence

Brian: that’s the main influence, so I was like “Yeah I wanna be like those guys” and I’m definitely still not, so that’s my story.

Drew: Uhm, I dunno I used to a lot of, it was just like Death Cab, I just went through all that stuff and like Postal Service, and Bright Eyes. That’s like, I dunno that was a while ago and now I listen to rap and stuff.

Jimmy: Yeah, He came back…

Drew: I kind of did a 180

Jimmy: Last time he want home for a little bit, he came back up here and all of a sudden he had this whole new musical taste and we would just listen to mashups all the time and it’s awesome, I’m into it.

Drew: Bustin‘ out free styles.

Jess Grenier: Do you guys write from personal experience or just whatever happens, happens?

Jimmy: Oh no, it’s so weird we’re realizing it more and more every time we write a song, that me and Brain have lived the same life and just different circumstances. So, when he starts a song I can totally connect it to something that happened to me and finish it or the other way around and so it’s really weird and then when it comes to putting the music together that goes back to our musical taste We all just jam it out and we each put in our own little spin on it and it comes out with Small Talk.

Jess Grenier: Have you always wanted to be musicians?

Jimmy: Yeah, I was in a band with this guy right here, Conner sells merch for we were in a third grade punk-rock band called Scene 72, it was a solid punk-rock third grade band, it was awesome. Yeah since then I really haven’t made any other plans. I should be… most people my age are thinking about college right now and I’m just kinda of chillin‘ and livin‘ it.

Brian: When I was growing up there was two things I really wanted to be, I’m going to say musician because that’s pretty much the obvious answer right now but I used to be into pro wrestling and I thought I could get big and be a pro wrestler, but obviously be 5’ 6 and less than 150 pounds, that’s not going to happen. It’s really sad, very sad.

[Brian to Drew]: Did you always want to be a musician?

Drew: Uhm, no, I dunno. I had aspirations to be a business man and whatever that entails but no. Just in the past five or six years, five years probably or less… musician.

Jess Grenier: You guys have a Self-Titled EP out, can you guys about about the writing/recording process?

Jimmy: Yeah sure, when we put that out the band was really just me and Drew so we went into the studio and recorded that and that EP was just the story of the past two years before I wrote it, all the stuff that happened. So then yeah, we released that and we’ve been playing shows around that, we’re actually… we’re in the early stages of recording some new stuff. We’re just hanging out, the EP is good and… what else? Actually that that was right when I got Drew. We just immediately went into the studio and recorded that.

Jess Grenier: And then going onto your new EP can you talk about it?

Jimmy: We’re in the early stages of it right now, I don’t want to say to much, we like staying under the radar a little bit, but I’m really excited about it. I think people will get into it when it comes out but I not even going to say a release date or what it’s going to be like but…

Brian: There was a lot of hard work put into it

Jimmy: A lot of hard work

Drew: A couple months

Jimmy: Couple months, it was a long couple of months but this one is, it’s all about me and Brain Ma’s parallel lives so, get ready for that.

Jess Grenier: Can you say if it’s like your EP now or do you think you’ve grown as a band?

Jimmy: It’s definitely more… uh, we definitely found ourselves for these songs. Theres a little more of the acoustic aspect to it but it’s not like we changed our style. We’re still the same band.

Jess Grenier: Do you have any of favorite songs off your EP?

Jimmy: Playing? I dunno what do you guys think?

Brian: The old EP?

Jimmy: Yeah.

Brian: I really like to play “Change Your Mind” just cause it’s real easy.

Drew: I guess “Something”

Jimmy: I think “Something” is fun, I like “Change Your Mind” too. I’m going to have to go with “Change Your Mind” aswell.

Jess Grenier: Your favorite song to play live?

Jimmy: We got a new one that’s going to be coming out when we release our new stuff called “Don’t Go” and I’m pretty sure that’s the favorite of all of ours. It’s just like, it’s the most high energy one of the new songs. It’s always a lot of fun play with a crowd there. Do you guys want to add anything?

Brian: I said “Don’t Go” too.

Drew: “Don’t Go” for sure

Jess Grenier: What’s your favorite venue to play at?

Jimmy: I like The Middle East dude.

Brian: I love The Middle East.

Jimmy: This is the first time we’ve played the downstairs. I haven’t even seen it before today but It’s always fun when people come to hang out at this venue and we consider it our hometown venue I’d say. Except for Drew, cause Drew is a Texan.

Drew: All Asia.

Brian: All Asia? You’ve never played there..Oh you played that one time

Jess Grenier: So this year at the Bamboozle Roadshow Boston date, you played with Stereo Skyline, how was that experience?

Jimmy: Oh that was fun, they’re my good friends, so when ever they tour through here I’ll uh… they’ll be like “you wanna jump onstage for the last song?” And I just go “yeah” and I kind of wing it every time I’m up there.That show was especially fun cause LMFAO came out too and they were dancing and rapping. It was just a party on stage, I had a lot of fun at that show.

Jess Grenier: If you could create a dream tour with any three bands, dead or a live, who would they be and why?

Jimmy: We’ll each take a band to tour with, let’s take one band each and make a tour. Do you guys know what you’re going to say?

Brian: Yup.

Drew: Well I’ll base it off who you say first.

Brian: Uhm, I would love to tour with Matchbox 20 cause I love Rob Thomas

Drew: Third Eye Blind

Brian: Yeah, We’re going ’90’s baby

Jimmy: I’m going to break that though, Kings of Leon for sure, but if we could get them in their youth and young manhood days that would be even better.

Jess Grenier: What is a random fact that your fans might not know about you?

Brian: I used to live abroad for two years in a little country called Singapore, My dad was transferred there and I to spend the first two years of high school there and it was awesome. I got to travel to a lot of neighboring countries and it was a great experience for me.

Drew: I’m a big fan of Panda Express and orange chicken mainly.

Jimmy: What about me? Can you guys help me out on this one? I just put my whole life out in the open, nah I’m just kidding.

Drew: A lot of people know that…

Jimmy: How good of a dancer I am, just kidding I can’t dance well at all.

Drew: You’re sick at Call Of Duty on Xbox

Jimmy: That’s you dude, I don’t mess around with that. I’m going to say that I uh…

Drew: He eats tons
Jimmy: Oh that’s pretty good.

Drew: He looks super skinny but he eat like no other

Jimmy: I eat too much, I eat everyone else’s leftovers and I always feel sick after every meal.

Drew: He’s that mean kid that take’s everyone’s lunch.

Jimmy: I’m talking advantage of this while I can so.

Jess Grenier: What do you do when you’re not writing music or play music?

Brian and Drew: Basketball.

Jimmy: We are so into basketball right now. I kind of have a court in my back yard and we set up some outdoor spotlights

Brian: This is an address to everybody out there in the public that Small Talk is challenging anybody to three on three. You grab three people and you guys want to come up against us, It’s on.

Jess Grenier: If you could co-write a song with anyone who would it be?

Jimmy: I’d co-write with Jamie T, I’d co-write a british rap song and I would sing it with a british accent.

Drew: With a british accent?

Jimmy: I’m getting really good at it, I’ve been practicing in the car.

Brian: Is it only one person I can pick?

Jess: You can pick two or three or whatever

Brian: Number one: Butch Walker. Number two: Imogen Heap.

Drew: Number three: Both of them together

Brian: And both of them together

Jess Grenier: Describe Your bandmates in three words.

Jimmy: Let’s see Drew, I have one but I don’t want to like embarrass you for Drew I’m going to say Call Of Duty. For Brian Ma, no wait I want to change Drew’s. With Drew… I can describe Drew in three words: Doin’ it big. Brian Ma, I’m going to have to say: crazy as anything. Cause you never know what might happen when he’s around.

Drew: Alright Brian Ma is definitely a wildcard.

Brian: Is wildcard one word?

Drew: Uhm, I just made it. And Jimmy is I dunno, insanely epic

Jimmy: That’s two words

Jess: Insanely epic person?

Jimmy: Insanely epic person

Drew: Person, yeah.

Brian: Drew, I’m going to have to say chase that thrown. You won’t get that though but it’s there and Jimmy would be I am robot.

Jimmy: I am robot? I feel like that actually describes me pretty well.

Jess Grenier: Who has been you’re favorite band to play with thus far?

Jimmy: Well we got real close with Hollywood Lies when we went out on tour with them a couple of months ago. It was just us two on the tour and we did a little east coast run and then up to Chicago and then came home. We just got know them, we bro’ed down every night and that was a lot of fun.

Drew: Definitely Hollywood Lies cause that was our first tour and they just became our boys. We’d love to go on tour with every body probably just cause it creates so much of a friendship but definitely Hollywood Lies.

Brian: Mine would be Hollywood Lies cause I haven’t really been playing that many shows and they’re the ones we kind of love. I love them. I would invite them to Thanksgiving, I think.

Jess: Have a Bromance tour.

Drew: Have a Bro tour with Hollywood Lies.

Jess Grenier: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Jimmy: I know we’re being really shady about it but get ready for the new music cause we’re all really excited about it. We promise we won’t make anybody wait to much longer.
Drew: Yeah, stay tuned for new music,


Drew: Tumblr, jk but check it out.

Brian: Livejournal

Jimmy: just cause it’s a good website and you should read what people have to say.

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