Texas With A Dollar Sign – Dead As The Day Is Long CD Review

Mon, Jul 19, 2010

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Texas With A Dollar Sign – Dead As The Day Is Long CD Review

When you listen to heavy music do you like a southern sound to it? Then stop what you’re doing and give a listen to Kemptville, Ontario’s very own, Texas With A Dollar Sign. The band consists of vocalist Matt Lear, guitarists Richard Mosher and Roddy Harrison, bassist Kaleb Blake and drummer Shane Bennett. Their new album Dead As The Day Is Long is the result of three years, hard work, a lot of local shows and some of the most down to earth awesome dudes you’ll ever meet.

The album starts out with the track “Old Milwaukee Talkie”, an impressive opener that definitely brings you in from the very first line. With the way vocalist Matt Lear starts the song with added vocals from fellow vocalist from The Courtship, Zachary Balloch, this song instantly gets you hooked for what’s to come on the album.

The thing I like most about songs like “Reefer Southerland” and “The Only Thing Pulling It’s Weight Around Here Is My God Damn Truck” is how they goes from fast paced to slow paced so well. I feel like the songs just transition from the singing vocals with melodic background music to screams and heavy breakdowns perfectly. “100 Acre Beards” keeps it heavy while being one of the few songs with a majority of singing. The musicianship in Beards is also to be noted as exceptional.

“Keep The Symbols Splashy And Take The Bass For A Walk” is probably my favorite song on the record. The hooks in this song are beyond good and the same can be said for the lyrics. Where most songs by Texas will build up to a chorus or a specific line and then back down again, I feel like this song is just built from the very beginning and doesn’t ever lose any of it’s steam. “Roadhouse Of The Dead” is one of the more unique songs on the album for the fact that it has no chorus and no singing vocals at all. I feel like due to this, it’s has trouble standing out compared to the other tracks.

“Pedophilidelphia” is another song on Dead As The Day Is Long with great hooks and musicianship. As the album goes on one of the best things about Texas is how raw and real they sound. They’re not a band that’s over produced or put into the studio and edited so much that they sound different on CD than they do live. All of these recordings are recorded by them and they all sound like exactly what you would see live. They aren’t fooling anybody like some bands try to, what you hear is what you get with Texas. Which is something I think I like most about them.

“Hotter Than Girl On Girl” and “The Tail End of Gloria Swordfish” are the next two tracks and they really keep the album going strong. While they continue to show a lot of the elements we’ve seen in previous tracks, they still seem to bring their own thing to the table. “Long Live The New Flesh” is the last song on the album and I feel like the ending of this track made it the best song to end the album with.

So as the album comes to a close my first thought is that this band has mastered a sound unique to them. They’ve stayed true to it and wrote some great songs. The album definitely has some tracks that are weaker than others but overall each track has something great about it. The only thing I disliked about the album is how I feel like it comes a little short on time ending just over a half an hour. Personally I would loved it to be longer. Other than that, this album is outstanding. Definitely pick it up off iTunes sometime in the next couple days. We’ll post the link as soon as it’s put up for sale! Until then download it for free for the next couple hours here, http://www.mediafire.com/?asfn81bsgz3lboo.

And check Texas With A Dollar Sign out on myspace here, http://www.myspace.com/eatsleeptexas

1. Old Milwaukee Talkie
2. Reefer Southerland
3. 100 Acre Beards
4. The Only Thing That Pulls It’s Weight Around Here My God Damn Truck
5. Keep the Cymbals Splashy and Take the Bass for a Walk
6. Roadhouse of the Dead
7. Pedophilidelphia
8. Hotter than Girl on Girl
9. The Tail End of Gloria Swordfish
10. Long Live the New Flesh

Similar Artists: The Courtship, Hunter City Madness, The Jettison Commitment

Favorite Tracks: Keep The Symbols Splashy And Take The Bass For A Walk, Old Milwaukee Talkie, Long Live The New Flesh

Rating: 9/10

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