The American Fiction – The Dreamers EP Review

Fri, Jul 2, 2010

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The American Fiction – The Dreamers EP Review

By: Jess Grenier

It’s quite rare to find a great band from New Hampshire, but once in a while they pop up and you’re completely blown away and leaves you wondering “why haven’t I heard of this band before?!” I came across The American Fiction at Lannen Fall’s last show ever and this is the same scenario that happened to me. As far as I knew the only NH bands that have been decent are Our Last Night and And Then There Were None. These bands don’t really come close to the pop-rock genre.

Track number one called “Home Again” has a great entrance lead by vocals that blend so well. The lyrics are also quite interesting and they just flow really well with the music. This song is definitely one of my favorites I love how everything comes together to make you actually pay attention to the lyrics. The Following song “ All Too Honest” has a super catchy chorus and it’s really easy to dance to. This is the only song that the band has on their Purevolume right now. I think it’s a good choice though because it showcases their talent beautifully.

“Out of Context (This Doesn’t Mean a Thing) is a very alluring song to listen to. It’s slow and very relaxing. You can listen to this song and drift off to a different place while you focus on the music and lyrics. The next song “Summer Romantics” starts off strongly with guitars and then leads into the vocals. This song is the perfect summer relationship anthem. It could be apart of anyone’s summer soundtrack. The final song on the The Dreamers EP is called “Somehow, Someway.” The song has an instrumental beginning which helps build up to where the lyrics begin. My favorite part of the song is where everyone is singing at the end. It’s quite a fantastic song to end with.

Home Again
All Too Honest
Out of Context (This Doesn’t Mean a Thing)
Summer Romantics
Somehow, Someway

Similar Artists: Mayday Parade, Racing Kites

Favorite Tracks: Home Again, All Too Honest, Summer Romantics and Somehow, Someway.

Rating Out of Ten: 10/10

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