Emarosa – Self-Titled CD Review

Wed, Jul 7, 2010

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Emarosa – Self-Titled CD Review

By Francesca Birch.

Kentucky’s Emarosa have finally released their new self titled album through Rise Records as a follow up from the successful “Relativity”. Teamed up with producer Brian McTernan, this is Emarosa at the top of their game, musically, emotionally and artistically. This dynamic album will leave you with your mind being somewhat shattered.

Emarosa have taken this album to a higher level, with more complex and animated guitar riffs, and pounding drum beats that you will make you headbang without even realizing it. The drumming in this album is more thrilling and gripping than in “Relativity”. It’s good to see how much this band has progressed within two years and the talents of each member shine through and stand out impressively.

The most prominent talented member is, of course the incredible vocalist Jonny Craig. His vocals in this album are utterly superb, it’s obvious he is has an incredible gift. Any Dance Gavin Dance fan (one of Craig’s former bands) will know of his strong vocals. In Emarosa’s previous album “Relativity” both instruments and Craig’s vocals were both presented strongly, however in this album Craig’s voice is displayed more clearly, ranging from soft, slow and almost soulful melodies to rough and courageous wails. Lyricism has also been taken up a notch, where Craig sings more of his personal experiences, he adds another “I Still Feel Her Pt.4” to the series where he opens with “In my dreams, time it seems, is pain without end”. Craig even puts screaming to this song which just adds to the emotion and passion displayed in every note.

Other tracks that stand out has to be “A Toast to the Future Kids!”, the opening track of the album that sets the standard and pace for the rest of the record, it dramatically builds up to a racy chorus that shows off the epic drum beats that drummer Lukas Koszewski has to offer. “Share the Sunshine Young Blood” being one of the most catchiest tracks, by repeating the intro guitar riff into the chorus, that strengthens the hook to be stuck in your head for longer than normal, “The Game Played Right” accomplishes this also. “Broken vs the Way We Were Born” is another blazing track, each instrument screams intensity and Craig’s vocal chords sound stimulating and gritty.

That being sad, the record is shorter than I thought it would be, being an only 10 track album which may not make it much of a record of the year. When first listening, the tracks also sounded fairly similar if you listen to the whole album in one go repeatedly. However each track entails something special, whether it being the catchy riffs, Craig’s vocals (which I consider special in every track) or the penetrating drum beats, it is an overall impressive record. Emarosa have shown the world what they have achieved.

1. A Toast To The Future Kids!
2. Pretend.Relive.Regret.
3. Share The Sunshine Young Blood
4. Truth Hurts While Laying On You Back
5. Live It. Love It. Lust It.
6. The Game Played Right
7. Broken Vs The Way We Were Born
8. I Still Feel Her Pt 4
9. The Weight Of Love Blinds Eyes
10. We Are Life

Rating: 7/10
Sounds like: Dance Gavin Dance, Chiodos, Pierce The Veil.

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